Don’t let the sun damage your possessions

Wood floors, kitchen countertops, cabinets, pictures, paintings, furniture, and many other personal possessions can be faded and damaged by the sun. Sunlight can crack the dashboard of your car and fade the cloth and leather on the seats. But the great news is that window tinting can protect your possessions.

Tinting your home or office with window film will reduce glare, heat, and will save you up to 30% on cooling cost. Solar screens that you might find on the exterior of a house are often damaged by the sun and torn so that they do not block the same amount of heat as our residential and commercial window tinted screens do. Not only that, but tinting your home or office adds protection by making the glass shatter proof.

Give us a call and give your home or office a professional look with over thirteen window films to choose from. Add privacy with our reflective films that block out 80% of the sun’s heat! A free on site estimate is available at only a phone call away.