Safety, Comfort and Style – 3 Great Reasons to invest in window film for your commercial building:


Safety and Security Film by 3M – The trusted name in window films

Protect your company’s assets from weather related impacts to your glass office or store fronts and provide a near invisible theft deterrent in one professionally installed thin film by 3M.  The 3M Ultra Series of Safety/Security Film meets these needs, providing shatter resistance to protect your team and equipment from damage.  Our 3M security window film is professionally installed by our team with over 10 years of installation experience in the DC metro area.  Our clients trust us to provide the highest quality installations in the area, and we choose 3M for the highest quality materials made right here in the U.S.  Safety and Security in 3M window film at a great price.  Let us evaluate your needs and give you a fast no commitment estimate by clicking here.  

Comfort and Energy Efficient Office and Retail Space

Our window films will keep your building cooler and the money you save on your energy bill pays for the service itself. Plus, it’s good for the environment!  We can mitigate hot spots in the building for your executives while providing an ROI on your investment in controlling the incoming Infrared Radiation that warms your building and costs you money and HVAC lifespan. 

Solar film can keep your furniture young by blocking 98% of UV rays that will damage your furniture. Restaurant owners, or any business with windows, can be satisfied knowing that customers can sit by the windows without being irritated by the sun, while still enjoying the view.

Style and Privacy with Decorative Window Film

We can also design for your building with our matted film, colored film, or add a unique design complimenting your business logo. We also can do glass etching for a permanent shaved snowy finish.  We have a wide variety of decorative films to use internally or externally at your retail shop or office space.  


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